Condo, Co-Ops, Town Houses, & Multi-Family Homes

For nearly 90 years we have helped unit owners, property managers and residential complexes repair and improve their buildings and as a result we fully understand the impact that working on one project will affect other areas of the structure. As an example, when The Window People install windows or doors, we are cognizant of the siding around this installation, and since we also provide and install siding, are well qualified to finish the job perfectly. Another example would be skylights. In any condominium or co-op, the building “envelope” is always connected so you can be assured of a quality job with a very knowledgeable contractor such as The Window People, a TWP Home Company and a member of the Community Associations Institute.

  • We work closely with unit owners to insure that their requests meet the Association requirements for approved look and materials.
  • We always give start & complete dates for all of our work.
  • We always perform on-site inspections of potential projects at the convenience of unit owners or Board members. There is never a charge for this.
  • With a 35 year consecutive A+ Accredited Rating with the Better Business Bureau, The Window People will deliver a quality product at a fair price.

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