Realtor Referral Program

Earn Gift Cards from the Window People for your Referrals

As a valued member of our real estate community I wanted to remind you about our Referral Program where you can earn popular Gift Cards for referring clients, friends and family to us who would be interested in buying windows, doors, siding, cabinetry, skylights and awnings.

This program is simple. Recommend us to someone and when they call us have them mention that you referred them for our exceptional home improvement work. If they decide on our services you will receive gift cards up to one hundred dollars, depending on the amount of the sale. There is no limit as to how many gift cards you can receive.

The only rule is that the buyer must be a new customer of ours. That’s it. Simple and concise. Hopefully, you or your friends have enjoyed working with us in the past and are confident about telling others about us. We have been serving Fairfield & Westchester Counties and surrounding area realtors and home inspectors for almost 90 years and have a continuous Accredited A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau since 1985.

Your referral can be confident that they will be working with a dedicated, reliable and legitimate home improvement company for their listed home or new owner purchase. And while you are at it, if you would like to share a thought or two about your previous experience with us to be placed on our website’s Testimonial  page just reply to this email with your comments and we’ll try to put it up.

Thank you for your past confidence in The Window People and we look forward to working with you, your associates and clients to beautify their properties!

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