Skylight-ResidentialThere are only 60 days left to take advantage of the maximum 30% Federal Solar TAX CREDIT for solar Skylight, Sun Tunnels and Shades purchased and installed in 2019. After this year, the tax credit starts dropping to 26% and continues to drop in subsequent years. This credit is not a wattered down tax “deduction” but a CASH credit and applies to both the product AND INSTALLATION. The Window People are certified to sell AND INSTALL the leading brand VELUX product line of skylights and sun tunnels which will transform any room into a stunning,natural daylight and fresh air showcase, all with a patanted “three layer,no leak protection”. If you have a fairly new roof and want to get started before the nasty weather comes late in the year, call us now at (203) 323-1804 to get this 30% tax credit. But remember, the project MUST be completed prior to the end of the year and we are not responsible for weather delays.