ProVia Windows

ProVia’s mission is to serve, by caring for details in ways others won’t

A faith-based company, ProVia’s leaders and employees are dedicated to serving customers and each other by caring for details in ways others won’t. As the company moves forward, our people are unified under our common purpose: To let our light shine before others, so that they may see our good works and give glory to our Father who is in heaven. — Adapted from Matthew 5:16

Our team has always welcomed opportunities to prove that we meet the highest standards in quality, service, and customer satisfaction. We have never been satisfied to merely meet standards and expectations; rather we strive to exceed them, thus setting a higher standard for all. We desire this philosophy to be evident throughout our organization, and truly communicate our core beliefs of serving others and being Christ-like in our daily actions.

We are committed to doing what is right, because it’s the right thing to do, and integrity and honesty are keys to following that path. Early on, we determined that we were going to be a company built on trust by keeping our word and commitments; our driving force became “to give what we have agreed to, and more; but never less.”


How ProVia provides the most energy-efficient windows

ProVia provides energy-efficient windows that best meet the weather conditions in your area. The technology in the windows includes the vinyl compound, the frame design, and specialized glass system that combines low-E and clear glass with an insulating gas, like argon or krypton.

Call The Window People to find out how homeowners can find the best windows for their needs and what makes ProVia windows among the most energy-efficient windows on the market.