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What To Look For In New Window Size

A comprehensive guide to standard window sizes for all types of windows and window measurements.

You may have an idea of what the average size of a window looks like in your home, but when it comes to actual measurements, you’ll quickly find that a “standard” size is a rare find. From modern homes to historical houses, windows vary in size, style, and even material.

What is a standard window size?

A standard window size refers to the most common window measurements. If you’ve ever worked with lumber, you’ve probably heard someone talk about a 2×4—that’s a standard size for wood. Windows, however, are a little more complicated. Windows come in all shapes and sizes, including custom, so there aren’t just a few standard sizes to choose from. That said, each style of window tends to have its own standard sizes across most home designs. If you know your style, you can usually narrow down the options.  However, even those options can have surprise variations. Measurements are measurements, but different brands and manufacturers might have different definitions of “standard.” A “standard” double-hung window from one company might have slightly different measurements than the company down the street. When in doubt, it’s always best to determine window size with a tape measure, rather than an assumption.

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