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Things To Think Of When Considering Glass Railings

Are you looking for glass railing? Here are somethings you need to know before you start your project.
Glass is the most popular choice for modern railing right now. It is a trending alternative to wooden handrails and spindles.

Glass railing has stunning visual impact, adds openness, makes spaces feel bigger and facilitates light flow. It adds luxury and value to a home and when designed and installed correctly, is incredibly safe and functional.

Consider safety and local building codes. It is important to consider the local building code requirements in your area regarding the type of safety glass (tempered, laminated) required or allowed. Specialized Stair and Rail offers tempered glass of the highest quality. Tempered glass is a kind of heat treated glass that increases surface strength and changes the break pattern. If tempered glass breaks it shatters into tiny cubes for safety reasons.

Glass railing requires maintenance
Glass railing as a whole, has less overall long term maintenance than a wood product. But, depending on your lifestyle the day to day maintenance will need to be consider railing looks drastically better than dirty. A soft cloth, soap/vinegar and water is all you need, stay away from any abrasive scrubbers.

Consider budget and cost
Glass railing is generally on the higher end of railing pricing. Within the styles, dadoed glass railing is the most cost effective as it can be thinner, has less machining, no holes, less polishing and does not involve any pricey hardware. Often with stainless steel or other glass hardware you get what you pay for so note quality when making selections as money invested at this stage will significantly improve the style and function.

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