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Pick a Window Style
Windows are an exterior product that is great for saving energy. However, they also provide a significant impact on the outward appearance. A top concern from homeowners is the appearance of the window and how it will blend with their exterior.
The construction of your home can provide several clues on the right window style to use. This is the safest option to ensure that the window will complement your home regardless of its age. For example, colonial style homes typically have double hung windows. The double hung window opens and closes with two operating sashes. It also tilts in for easy cleaning.

Choose a Frame Material
The window style is important, but remember that the window will need maintained over time depending on the material. Vinyl is the easiest window material to maintain. It is resistant to termite damage and will not warp, peel, or rot. It also doesn’t require any type of sanding, staining, or painting throughout its lifetime. If you choose wood windows, keep in mind that this window material requires maintenance. If you don’t want to spend a lot of time maintaining your new windows, consider vinyl window installation.

Choose a Glass Package
The glass package is one of the most important components of a window when it comes to saving energy. Windows that are very low cost and low quality typically don’t have the necessary technologies to lower energy bills throughout the year.
Dual and triple pane glass, Argon gas, Krypton gas and Low-e glazing are all the type of window glass you can get. The combination of these technologies plays a big role in how the window will save energy. If you install replacement windows without any of these technologies, you likely won’t experience much in terms of energy savings or increased indoor comfort.

Choose Custom Replacement Windows
While buying windows from a big box store sounds convenient, you’ll get the best bang for your buck by working with a professional window replacement company. Not to mention, window companies ensure that the product has a precise fit inside the opening of the exterior. Even the smallest miss measurement can result in significant energy loss, which can easily happen when you choose to install pre-made windows.

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