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Surface Protection Reusable

The perfect “drop-cloth” for professionals and “do-it-yourselves”, these great floor protectors are a pleasure to work with and have many advantages over other ways of protecting your home or office.

Some key features include:

  • Reusable
  • Safe on ALL Surfaces
  • The PERFECT protection for hardwood floors
  • Absorbent AND leak-proof
  • Easy to broom clean and vacuum
  • Skid-resistant
  • GREAT for use on stairs
  • Easy to roll out and adjust
  • Breathable
  • THE surface protection for curing floors
  • Provides scratch & dent protection from dropped items

Sold in economical rolls or sheets and in-stock for immediate pick-up!
The best “Surface Protection for the Pros” you can buy!

Reusable Surface Protection and Easy Clean-Up!

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