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New replacement windows can reduce your energy use

Did you know that new replacement windows can help your family reduce their energy consumption and cut costs all year?

Heating and cooling are two large costs that homeowners incur in attempt to make their home a comfortable environment for their family. During the winter time old windows can create drafts which let cold air in and hot air out. During the summer time old windows can create drafts which allow hot air to enter the house and cold air to leave the house. Homeowners spend large amounts of money on air conditioning to keep their home cool in the summer and on heat to keep their home warm in the winter. With new replacement windows installed, the air you want inside of you house stays in and the air you want outside of your house stays out. By installing replacement windows you can save on air conditioning and heating by only heating and cooling your house and not letting that hot or cold air escape your house. Save for years to come by keeping the air you want inside of your house and the air you don’t want, out!

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