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It's Fall Don't Forget Your Lawn

Nope, your work isn’t over. The early Fall season is extremely important to create a beautiful, healthy lawn in the Spring. Here are some simple but important steps to take now:

* Is your lawn “acid” or “sweet”? Take a pH test and add lime to acid soil or sulfur to an alkaline result.

* Keep raking! Your grass still needs to grow and needs all the sunlight it can get at this time. Plus, decaying leaves will raise the acidity of the soil to levels that may be too high resulting in the step to be taken above.

* Continue to MOW an WATER! Your grass is still growing, albeit not as fast as earlier in the year.

* FERTILIZE with a slow-release product. This can give you a stronger root system which will show results next season.

Finally, since our local football teams have lost about 80% of their games this year, go have some weekend enjoyment outdoors on your property with these cool crisp days!

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