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Heating Costs Are On The Rise


With inflation soaring and energy prices rising at the onset of winter, NOW is the time to button up your home to reduce or eliminate costly drafts.

Here are a few tips from the popular HGTV shows:

  • Poorly insulated or old windows and doors are a tunnel for heat to escape Check all windows and doors for drafts and tight closing operation. Replace with today’s energy efficient products if necessary.
  • Keep pipes warm to prevent from freezing and bursting which can cause very expensive damage to your home. Inspect and look for leaks especially in areas that are cold without any heat.
  • Open interior doors and cabinet doors where pipes exist to warm up these areas with your homes’ internal heat.

The US Government projects a colder winter than last year and a more expensive heating season on the horizon for all of us. Heating oil at 40% and propane at 45% lead the pack for increased cost. If you do need windows and doors replaced after your inspections, call us at (203) 889-9678 and we will come over and provide you with window and door solutions to eliminate drafts and heat loss in the affected areas.

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