Interior & Exterior French Doors

Styles and Definitions New Construction and Replacement Doors

Wood Entry Doors

Your home’s entrance is the showcase for all visitors so it should be your home’s centerpiece welcome. Classic woods such as fir, pine, oak, mahogany and others are outstanding materials for the “look and feel” you desire to complement or contrast your home’s entryway. Optional sidelight glass and above transoms will display quality and “top shelf” attributes to give your home a bold and stylish statement.

Fiberglass Entry Doors

For the classic wood look without the care and maintenance wood requires, Fiberglass is the way to go. Nothing beats fiberglass for value and performance. Beautifully crafted, secure, energy efficient and easy to maintain, fiberglass entry doors are a perfect alternative to wood or steel. Today’s technology provides an authentic, stainable/paintable, wood grain look.

Steel Entry Doors

Steel doors offer economical, safe and durable options for your home’s entry. These steel doors have high definition style options. With our
wonderful decorative glass designs you will have a beautiful and durable entry door that won’t crack, warp or yellow. Some styles are also available in a fire-rated product.

Sliding Patio Doors

Sliding patio doors add warmth and elegance to any project. They are the perfect solution for an attractive, space-saving opening to a terrace, garden or porch. To gain even more daylight and a panoramic view, place a series of patio doors together or include matching transoms or specialty radius units. Beautiful, stylish hardware with finishes to match any décor will be the finishing touch, adding beauty and originality to your passageway!

Sliding French Patio Doors

Open up your home to a balcony, patio or pool with the European French style Patio Door. Thicker lines will give you the classic hinged door design in a maximum security and design sliding door environment.

French Hinged Patio Door
Hinged French Patio Doors are popular for their traditional appearance and flexibility in styling options and features. These hinged doors provide ultimate choice with a variety of sizes, panel configurations, shapes, grilles and glass/hardware options. Whether you want a French door configuration that swings in, an arched top design that swings out or simply a traditional single door design, we have the hinged French Door combination that fits your design needs.

Center Hinged French Patio

Center Hinged French Patio Doors are designed for the look of a French Door without taking up all of the operating space. Door operates on a center hinge and folds onto itself not taking up viewing or wall space.

Interior Doors (French)

Whether they lead into a den, bedroom or home office, interior French Doors bring elegance and functionality to any room or layout. A very wide variety of woods, finishes and hardware are available.

Interior Doors (wood)

Rich with character and traditional appeal, our extensive array of styles and woods combine simple design with dramatic appeal for any home. From practical value to elegant entryways!

Storm Doors

Custom built storm doors that are as tough as they are beautiful! These ultra-quality, double hollow tempered aluminum doors with high value options will enhance AND PROTECT any entrance way and give your home the beauty and energy efficiency needed in our Northeast climate.

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