Awnings are a great addition to your home. Although they tend to be used mostly during the spring and summer, you can get great use out of them all times of the year. Retractable awnings have become increasingly common in current years as they can be used when you want and rolled up and away when you don’t need them. If you are choosing one for your family, there are certain things you will want to consider before settling on the one you will purchase.

What Material Do You Desire?

There are a variety of materials that can be selected when choosing a retractable awning. Depending on which you settle on, you may have more or less maintenance to keep your awning at its best condition. Awnings are available in either a strong fabric made specifically for the outdoors or aluminum. Fabrics come in a wide variety of colors but need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Aluminum, on the other hand, requires less maintenance, but they don’t come in as many designs or colors. However, this type tends to be more durable.

What Angle Do You Want?

Although it is often a detail that is overlooked by many, the angle of a retractable awning is very important. It can determine the overall performance of the awning, so it’s something that should be carefully considered. If you choose to have awnings on your windows, for instance, those that face east or west would benefit the most from those with an angle ranging from 65 to 75 percent. If you get them for windows facing north or south, the angle should be 45 to 60 percent.

What Size Awning Do You Need?

The size of your retractable awning is a very important factor. There are many options available to you, so you can get the size that is most appropriate for your property based on the location of where you will have it installed. A small one can simply serve as a nice ornamental addition. A larger awning can also be decorative but also has a practical use for providing more shade to the area outdoors where it is to be installed.

What Color Do You Want?

In general, there is a rule of thumb pertaining to choosing the color of your retractable awning. That states that you should always select the color or colors that best complement the overall look of your home. At the same time, light colors tend to be the preference of many homeowners due to their ability to better block sunlight and heat.