Warm Up for Winter….and SAVE MONEY TOO!

Did You Know That up to 40% of Your Energy Bill
Goes Out Through Your Drafty Windows, Doors & Siding?

Increase your home’s value with energy-efficient,
low maintenance and architecturally exquisite
windows, doors and siding products
from the finest manufacturers.

Exterior replacement Doors CTAre you dreading this winter season with its escalating heating bills? Wearing sweaters and jackets INSIDE your home? Stop the stress and lower your bills with new energy-efficient windows, doors and siding products that will not only save you money but also increase your home’s value.

replacement Windows CTAccording to the National Association of Realtors, making the above mentioned improvements will give you a solid 63-96% “payback” in increased home value, covering most of the cost for reducing drafts and eliminating those air gaps. Coupled with additional cost savings on fuel and energy expenses and the increased beauty of your property, makes these improvements NOW a simple decision.

Be prepared for the cold blasts that occur every year. For nearly 90 years The Window People have been providing homeowners with quality home improvement services for a wide range of products and price points.