Storm Windows

Need Storm Windows? We Got ‘Em!!!!

Even though these “attachments” became obsolete in the 1970’s with the emergence and market acceptance of today’s highly rated, energy efficient “double-pane” insulated windows, there are still a few reasons why homeowners may need storm windows. The most common is to preserve the look and to keep the original windows installed in a historic home. These 100+ year old residences all have totally energy inefficient glass installed so without replacing the windows in the house which could alter the look of the residence, homeowners choose to put on storm windows to gain some sort of draft resistant qualities.


Replacing Storm Windows

The other reason is depending what type of storm windows are needed, it is possible that these attachments may be more economical in the short run to eliminate drafts than replacing the current windows in the home with today’s double-pane products. But be aware that adding storm windows to old single pane glass will never reach the energy efficiency of today’s government “Energy-Star” windows.

Finally, the extra steps needed to open & close multiple windows and in some cases even removing storm windows in warmer seasons may be a hassle that homeowners may very well want to avoid in addition to the “altered” look of the exterior of the property with outside mounting or worse yet, leaving the storms open in heating or cooling seasons.

The Window People has been supplying window & door “cold protection” to homeowners for nearly 100 years and we certainly can help you too.

Whether you are looking for triple-track, basement hoppers, combination storm-screens or two-track sliders, you can be assured of a quality product & professional installation that will reduce drafts and energy loss. Storm windows can be made of aluminum or wood and are available in a variety of colors. Depending on your current window configuration, storm windows can be mounted on the inside or outside of the home.