Are the windows single-pane?

Most windows today are double pane, which helps prevent heat transfer between indoors and outdoors.

Any cracks or rotting in your window frames?

Some small cracks or amount of rotting in the frame can be fixed before it spreads. If more than 10% of the wood is damaged, however, your best option is to replace it.

Are you experiencing drafts near the windows?

Older windows may suffer from seals that are no longer tight, as the glass has expanded and contracted with the weather over the years.

Are there cracks in the window panes?

Cracks are not only unappealing, but they can continue to grow and lead to worse problems.

In colder weather, is the interior glass cold to the touch?

While the glass may still feel cool to your warm hand, it should be considerably warmer than the outdoors. Very cold interior glass means too much cold air is entering the space between panes.

If you answered “yes” to just 1 or 2 questions above, you may be able to fix some issues without full window replacement. If you answered “yes” to multiple questions, it may be time to consider upgrading your home’s windows.