Residential Siding

An outstanding way to make your home the neighborhood showcase and save money too is with an affordable investment with today’s polymer siding. Made directly from wood or cedar shake molds, so real that you can’t tell the difference, this will eliminate your continuous cost and labor of painting and replacing rotting wood or old, damaged, energy inefficient aluminum panels.

Thank you for the great siding job you did for me! The repairs were perfect and the new installation on the addition is a gem. All outstanding! Wish I had known about your company years ago”

Frank J. Schepis

Bronx NY

Make your Dream home a reality!

Choose from a wide variety of styles including clapboard, shakes and designer trim. Mix and match as desired for a more dramatic effect. Installation includes a healthy dose of insulation too which can reduce energy costs from 28-47% depending on what you currently have. And in many cases, depending on our inspection of your home, we can go over what is currently there.

With zero maintenance on your part other than a “hosing down” once in a while to wash away a few cobwebs, you and your home are set for
life. And yes, a prorated warranty is transferable if and when you sell your home.

Ready for to make your home into a showcase? Call us today for the make-over you have been waiting for!

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