Privacy Decorative Glass

Privacy Bathroom Glass 

Much more than just a window, these beautiful block glass settings will give all the privacy you need in a bathroom environment PLUS the luxury & style to make these rooms a showcase for you and your guests. Coupling “elegant seclusion” AND fresh air you will want to consider these products wherever privacy is called for. Window treatments in the humid bath environment attract mold & mildew. Privacy is now provided without the need for blinds and curtains.

Decorative Glass

Make a stunning statement in your home with luxurious decorative glass for your windows or doors. Ideal for accent lighting in large areas or a decorative focal point in small rooms. They will add originality and “turn heads” to both the inside and outside of your home or office. A beautiful and easy way to upgrade. Available in a variety of shapes and patterns to complement your property’s decor and window size need.