Another season has started as we begin the countdown to the holidays and another new year. October marks the highlight of Fall colors, although that the lack of rain will certainly affect the stunning hues we normally get. The kids are prepping for Halloween with the two most popular costumes of 2019: “Spooky Clowns” for the boys and “Pennywise…The Hocus Pocus Witch” for the girls. (more on the day further down the Newsletter.

Fall is also an opportune time to insure that your home is ready for the typical harsh winter that is right around the corner. Drafty old windows and doors will run up those heating bills and probably have you wearing sweaters INDOORS! Did you know that just an 1/8th of an inch crack around an exterior door is equal to a brick through the side of your home for heat loss! Replacing these “Energy Eaters” can save up to 35% in heating costs so this is something you should consider in the Fall if applicable. The Window People have a great Fall Promotion for you to solve these problems NOW! See the Special Fall Promotion below to “Warm Up for Winter”. You will be surprised as to how affordable this is.

Cute Halloween puppy with a pumpkin.

Finally, don’t forget our popular “find the typo” contest to win Dunkin’ Donuts $10 Gift Cards. Last month’s winners were Steve Gladstone of Stonehollow Associates (Home Inspection) and Loretta Dippy, both of Stamford. Rules are fun and simple: Find the typo in this Newsletter and be one of the first five callers to at (203) 323-1804 with the correct answer to get a free Dunkin’ Donuts Gift Card. Just a way of saying “Thanks” to our great customers.One gift per year per winner.

Enjoy the start of the Fall season and take care of those little Trick or Treaters!