The easiest way is by adding a “Fifth Wall”!

They say the quietest people have the loudest minds. The same can be said for the most unnoticed yet dramatic wall in every room…the ceiling! It’s much more than just a roof over your head and more than a surface to be painted white and then forgotten. As an unexpected (and ignored) design space with a direct connection to the great wide open outdoors, it is truly your “Fifth Wall”!

This untapped design opportunity has the power to completely transform spaces from top to bottom. The Fifth Wall allows you to set your sights higher than the average wall. That’s why skylights should be a strong consideration on your home renovation to-do list. When in need of a “fresh” perspective, all you have to do is look up!

Adding a skylight is the least costly, but one of the most stunning home improvement project you can do. Have a room that could use more natural light? Want light control along with fresh air?

Most homes have rooms where natural light would be an added benefit. It could be an upstairs “bonus room” that needs to be brighter or perhaps a kitchen or entertaining room where skylights can add a dramatic effect. The preference for natural daylight as compared to interior lighting is certainly a benefit in most environments. If you are looking to let some fresh air in, skylights will improve the air quality inside your home and give needed air flow too.

Today’s revolutionary, “no leak roof windows” are the answer to the above situations. They offer three levels of water protection and great features such as solar powered, rain sensors, remote control, and color coordinated blinds in a variety of colors to match room decor. These blinds can deliver a 40% or so improvement in energy performance for the affected areas. They can even be operated with “smart home” systems! Not to mention the energy efficiency by adding fresh air instead of using air conditioning on those “border-line” warmer days. Modern glass coatings keep your skylights cleaner longer and basically spotless. They will also reduce unwanted noise by up to 25% as compared to standard, double pane window glass and up to 50% more as compared to old, plastic skylights. Looking for something simple? Skylights can be fixed, manual or electric as desired.

Another great option for those smaller areas such as stairs and “nooks and crannies” are “Sun Tunnels”. Directing beams of natural light where needed, these tunnels can be either flexible or rigid to satisfy most applications. Think of it as a “Heavenly Spotlight” for those darker areas where a great deal of light may not be needed. Just another example of what a skylight product line can do for a home. Of course, the products mentioned here are all available for commercial applications too.
Finally, the best part of all is that these skylights and sun tunnels all qualify for the 30% “Solar Electric Property” IRS Tax Credit on both the purchase and installation expense for these renewable solar technologies which means real dollar rebates on next year’ taxes.
So, in summary, if you really want that WOW factor, crave natural sunlight and fresh air and really brighten your home, skylights are the way to go. Have a great sunny season!