When your awnings start changing to a darker color, they’re definitely past due for a thorough cleaning. The right detergents and the right pressure when cleaning is really important. Too much pressure from your power washer can cause tears to vinyl and other fabrics.

Gently Scrub With Detergent

When removing dirt, stains, and bug guts from an awning, consider the material you will be cleaning. Aluminum awnings are more hardy, but their paint can still be stripped or faded. Fabric awnings are more delicate. Before applying detergent, brush the awnings to remove larger debris and clumps of dirt that may have settled on them. Rinse the awnings with very low pressure to wet the surface before applying detergent.

Gently brush a mild detergent over the entire surface of the awnings. Don’t forget the underside of the awning. Once the awnings have been fully brushed with detergent, leave the detergent to for a few minutes. Don’t leave it until it’s dry though.

Rinse From Bottom to Top

Using a pressure washer will make this job a lot easier and a lot more effective. Unlike a basic hose nozzle, a pressure washer allows you to project water further and reach higher places with ease. When rinsing your awnings free of dirt and detergent, you want to use as low of a PSI as possible to avoid causing damage to them. Use a very low-pressure nozzle that produces a fan-shaped output.