Adding A New Deck To Your Home

A Deck Increases Your Living Space. Two words: form and function. Many homeowners use decks as places to plant herb or container gardens, to enhance the dinner table while adding natural beauty to the outdoor décor. Installing a deck is easier than ever with...

Do Awning Windows Allow Good Airflow?

Awning windows provide better airing than sliding and hung windows. Excellent window solution when the opening space is wider than it is tall. Ideal for high-wind locations, less prone to the wind which usually blows from the sides, rather than the top.

Are Awning Windows Popular?

Having a single sash with no dividers provides an open view and maximum amount of light. Awning windows provide maximum efficiency and comfort in any room they are put in. These windows are most popular for the windows in kitchens.

Do Awning Windows Let In Air?

A kitchen awning window you can enjoy stress-reducing wide views of the outdoors while you clean, cook, or entertain. But these windows are not just for kitchens, an awning window can enhance light and air flow in any room—and in all weather. Its frame opens outward...