Decreases in AC Bills

Awnings limit direct sunlight and therefore help you save on energy bills. Having an awning can decrease your AC bills by 20% during the summer. Awnings can also shade your outdoor AC unit in the summer to keep it cooler for energy productivity.

Shelters Furniture and Flooring from Sun Damage

Installing awnings can protect your indoor and outdoor space from the weather, extending the durability of your outdoor furniture by preventing exposure to direct sun, snow, and rainfall that can cause deterioration and discoloration. Awnings can also help prevent the UV rays from coming in through your windows damaging your indoor furniture or flooring that may be getting exposure

Reduces the Surface Temperature of Your Deck or Outdoor Space

By installing an awning over your deck space, you can keep the surface temperature down allowing you and your pets to safely walk on and enjoy your outdoor space.

Reduces the Air Temperature of Your Outside Space

Adding a retractable awning to your outdoor space can help increase your comfort by decreasing the temperature and decreasing the number of UV rays beating down on you. You can enjoy warm weather or rainy days under the protection of an awning. It opens up a whole new space for outdoor living.

Warms Your Home in The Winter

During the winter you can keep your retractable awning closed allowing more sunlight inside your home. This will help increase the temperature inside your home and keep your heating bill down.